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Charges Dropped for Baxter Harder Client in National Road Rage Case

Charges Dropped for Baxter Harder Client in National Road Rage Case

Charges filed against Jay Barbeau were dropped in a road rage case that has caught international headlines. Baxter Harder, LLC of Bend, Oregon acted as his defense representation. Investigation revealed that the alleged victims’ statements had been falsified.

Oregon prosecutors dropped criminal charges that had been filed against Jay Barbeau, who had been accused of road rage in a case that caught international attention. He was represented by Attorney Casey Baxter of Baxter Harder, LLC of Bend, Oregon. Mr. Barbeau’s defense focused on dismantling the statements of the alleged victims, who gave different accounts of what actually occurred.

Ms. Stackhouse and Ms. Mann first claimed Barbeau broke the rear window of their vehicle after they cut him off in traffic. They alleged he proceeded to break Stackhouse’s arm and render Mann unconscious in a violent attack. However, Mann’s own medical records did not indicate she suffered any sort of injury that could cause unconsciousness. Stackhouse did have a minor wrist break but there was no clear answer as to how it came to be. Barbeau’s wife claimed Stackhouse broke her own wrist by smashing it against a vehicle several times during the incident.

A check into the women’s backgrounds uncovered suspiciously similar circumstances in which they exaggerated or fabricated injuries. Only a few days after the Barbeau incident, Mann apparently jumped onto a driver’s hood and feigned an injury to try to bait an out-of-court settlement. Stackhouse was also charged for assaulting a driver in a way similar to what she described Barbeau as having done. There is also a report of Mann pretending to be gravely injured after a low-speed single-vehicle crash.

When the other reports were considered along with the lack of evidence in the Barbeau incident, prosecutors determined the road rage charges were unjust, especially after he had already suffered reputational harm in his communities and through international headlines. The charges were consequently dropped, marking a monumental victory for Mr. Barbeau and Baxter Harder, LLC.

Additional information about this recent criminal case conclusion can be found in a full article posted by the New York Post. Inquiring parties can learn more about Baxter Harder, LLC by visiting the law firm’s official website.


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