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What are Measure 11 Crimes?

In November of 1994, Ballot Measure 11 was voted into Oregon legislature. This would require a mandatory minimum prison sentence for a list of certain crimes. If you are faced with one of the crimes on the Measure 11 list, it is critical that you retain legal services as soon as possible.

Measure 11 crimes include:

  • Murder
  • Attempted Murder and Attempted Aggravated Murder
  • Assault I & II
  • Manslaughter I & II
  • Kidnapping I & II
  • Sexual Penetration I & II
  • Rape I & II
  • Sodomy I & II
  • Robbery I & II
  • Sexual Abuse I
  • Arson I
  • Compelling Prostitution
  • Use of Child in Display of Sex Act

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Measure 11 Penalties in Oregon

Due to the seriousness of these cases, the amount of prison time that you may face if convicted is between 5 years & 10 months to 25 years. While it is common for other states to convict individuals that never serve their jail time or are released early, this is typically not the case in Oregon.

Measure 11 penalties include:

  • Minimum Sentence of 5 Years 10 Months - Assault II, Kidnapping II, Robbery II, Compelling Prostitution, Child in Depiction of a Sex Act
  • Minimum Sentence of 6 Years 3 Months - Manslaughter II, Rape II, Sexual Abuse I, Unlawful Sexual Penetration II, Sodomy II
  • Minimum Sentence of 7 Years 6 Months - Arson I, Assault I, Attempted Murder, Kidnapping I (Could Be a Minimum of 25 Years) Robbery I
  • Minimum Sentence of 10 Years - Attempted Aggravated Murder & Manslaughter
  • Minimum 25 Years (Could Be a Minimum of 8 Years 4 Months) - Murder, Rape I, Unlawful Sexual Penetration I, Sodomy I

Experienced Measure 11 Legal Counsel

If you are facing one of these felonies, don't wait to turn to our law firm. Our knowledgeable Bend criminal defense attorney is a dedicated and relentless professional who will turn the law inside out to find the best available outcome in your case. We work tirelessly to ensure that your rights are protected and that you are given a focused and dedicated defense. We cannot stress enough the seriousness of these charges and the importance of being represented by a capable and aggressive professional.

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