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Read our reviews to learn more about what our past satisfied clients have had to say about working with our team. Baxter Harder, LLC is comprised of trial-ready lawyers and a former prosecutor who use their diverse experiences and backgrounds to achieve the results clients want. For effective solutions to your legal issues, call our Bend, Oregon attorneys at (541) 238-9210 or contact us online. We’re available to stand by your side throughout the legal process.

  • If you need help act fast because it can make a difference in your outcome and how it impacts your life. Casey Baxter will take care of you!
    Casey Baxter's staff is amazing. Very friendly and detailed in their work. Mr. Baxter is also very friendly and treats you like family. If you want an experienced defense attorney who has a background as a prosecutor as well; then give him a call. Price is fair. Very knowledgeable and I had other free consultations with attorneys that were not as smart and said my case would go to trial no matter what. I knew that wasn't the case; as did Mr. Baxter. He shows no prejudice and doesn't take sides except those of his clients. My case was dismissed without having to take a mugshot or get finger printed. If you need help act fast because it can make a difference in your outcome and how it impacts your life. Casey Baxter will take care of you!

    - Anonymous

  • Casey Baxter is one of the best lawyers.
    Casey Baxter is one of the best lawyers I've worked with. His many years of experience in the courtroom as well as a former prosecutor was apparent in negotiating my specific case. He worked on my case until a resolution was accomplished that he and I both determined was the best outcome for me and all the work he put in for my release, plea and sentencing was performed in a time frame that was appropriate for not only my case but for me as well. I would highly recommend Mr. Baxter for anyone looking to hire a tremendously enthusiastic albeit law savvy attorney. Thanks Casey!

    - Kimberly

  • We cannot say enough good things about our experience with Baxter Harder.
    We were able to ask lots of questions and always received an answer and our case was handled even more quickly than I thought possible. This team really cares and I would highly recommend them!

    - Heather

  • We felt like we got the best in the business and it really made what started as an unfortunate experience turn into a pleasant and joyful experience.
    If you want an experience where you feel heard and supported by people who prove their trust through their hard work, consistent correspondence, and ability to get it done, go with Baxter Harder. Coming from a place that felt misjudged and scared of what the repercussions would do for us we were nervous choosing a representation for the first time. A friend recommended Baxter Harder to we and we are SO grateful. If we could be that friend anyone reading this needs, that's what I hope to be. We felt like we got the best in the business and it really made what started as an unfortunate experience turn into a pleasant and joyful experience. Thanks again to everyone at Baxter Harder, keep up the excellent work!

    - Mary

  • I'm very glad that I hired his firm to represent me. 5 stars doesn't give enough justice to how the outcome of my case played out.
    Joseph Harder and Nicole Mitchell handled my divorce case recently, my case was very unique as I was close to retiring (beginning) and retired from the military (the end) what made matters more difficult so I thought at the time was I was living in another state and was a thousand miles away, but during this divorce process I couldn't have been more wrong, his office including the receptionists ensured that we were always available to talk and advise me when I needed them, it was like they were down the street. Regretfully as most people know divorces are not easy and can be very over whelming, but I didn't feel like that all. Having someone of their caliber working on my case made things painless and stress free as possible. They will tell you up front what you can expect as they're very seasoned in their craft, I worked mostly with Nicole for a lot of the processes especially gathering all the things you need in a case to prepare for either trial or an agreement. She was especially helpful and very concerned that I was getting what i desired. Joe advised me on what goals we wanted and what I should get as a father. Nicole kept me very informed of what I needed to do and updated me throughout the divorce process. Joseph my lawyer was willing to work with me on so many things that came along with my divorce.

    I'm very glad that I hired his firm to represent me. 5 stars doesn't give enough justice to how the outcome of my case played out. Thank you so much for saving me money allowing my rights as a father to be represented. Highly recommended for your legal needs.

    - Brandon

  • Baxter Harder provides communication and transparency which helps with the looming anxieties.
    As with any legal matter, anxiety is to be expected. The Law firm of Baxter Harder provides communication and transparency upfront regarding ones matters which certainly helps with the looming anxieties. My wife and I were in a calm state throughout the process because Casey provided an empathy and really was willing to go to bat.

    Casey represented me in a Violation of Probation case. He and his team always made me feel as if I were the only client in the courtroom. Casey’s expert knowledge and experience really shine through the communication. His Executive Paralegal, Kerri gives an open line of communication in order for Casey to really hone in on your case.

    Casey was sure to present all necessary context in my case and told the story how it was. I’m so grateful for the attorney/client relationship and by way of Casey’s representation, I was given the best possible outcome for my case & legal matter. I recommend Casey Baxter—with confidence— to represent you, in your case.

    - Aaron

  • Joe Harder is absolutely the guy you want by your side when things are tough!

    For men working on maintaining our rights as an equal parent, the Family Court system can be tilted. Having an attorney who understands the hurtles men face is critical. Joe Harder is absolutely the guy you want by your side! I hired Joe Harder of Baxter/Harder Law in Bend Oregon, over two years ago to handle what anyone would consider an extremely difficult custody case. Having been through 4 custody trials over 6 years, and having used a few different firms, I couldn't be happier with Him, his team and the results. The team at Baxter/Harder have handled my case with the utmost professionalism, patience, and absolute surgical accuracy. We really can't thank Joe or his legal assistant, Nicole highly enough.

    - Orion

  • They were professional and informative in helping me navigate the court system, at the same time very empathetic of my situation.
    Casey and his team were there at a time that was extremely emotional for me. They were professional and informative in helping me navigate the court system, at the same time very empathetic of my situation. I felt they had my best interest at heart and went to bat for me when I needed them. I want to send a big thank you to Casey, Mary Jo, and their entire team at Baxter Harder, LLC.

    - Joy

  • Unbelievable support and service!
    Unbelievable support and service. I hope to never talk to or need you guys again, but if I do it will be you guys! Keep share info the heart of God!! Thank you so so much for all you guys have done!!

    - Brett

  • Mr. Haskett goes the extra mile for his clients!
    I found Mr. Haskett online, and I’m so happy I did. Mr. Haskett was not only super professional, but very knowledgeable, and a great person. Mr. Haskett goes the extra mile for his clients!

    - Cari

    Bend, OR
  • Expectations exceeded!
    Casey did an excellent job representing me. My case was dismissed promptly and I didn't even step in the courtroom. A good example of veterans helping veterans. I would highly recommend.

    - Paul

    La Pine, OR
  • This is the attorney you want
    When my life fell apart unexpectedly, I searched for the best possible attorney to help. I found the best in Casey Baxter and his team. Superior communication combined with extensive experience and knowledge are the hallmarks of this practice. Casey and his team were readily available to me and they made my worse nightmare go away. This team is who you want in a crisis . I am ever grateful for Casey, Kerri and the two amazing PI's , who went far and above duty to assist me with needs during the investigation. As a man of integrity, Casey Baxter stands out in his profession.
    Terrebonne, OR
  • I am very thankful for him.
    My experience with Casey was more than I could have even ever imagined. I have never had one of my children in trouble before. He explained everything to me, was very patient with all of my questions and was able to get my son the best deal he could for him. My son said nothing but positive words about Casey and knowing that he was in Cory's corner made this awful process manageable for me. I didn't really understand all the verbiage while the lawyer was explaining next steps during all these court hearings, but Casey would take me outside the court room and explain what was going to happen next. I am very thankful for him - so is my son.

    - Ristine

  • I would highly recommend Mr. Baxter.
    Mr. Baxter was very helpful and very knowledgeable concerning the specifics of my case. He essentially streamlined the court process for me, which allowed me to focus on the end details of my case, rather than worry about what possible outcomes there could be. Instead of ending up with two convictions, I was able to enroll in the diversion program, take traffic school, and pay the fines. We all make mistakes, and I was very glad that Mr. Baxter was there to help me with my case. I would highly recommend Mr. Baxter.

    - Anonymous

  • By far the best
    My experience with Casey Baxter was nothing short of amazing. His whole office is so helpful, his paralegal and secretary are great as well. He is on your team 100%, other attorneys seem wishy washy but not Casey, he truly seems genuine and willing to go to bat to fight for you. He made me completely confident in going to trial. In my particular case we didn't have to because he was able to wheel and deal with the D.A. And get me an incredible deal. On top of that he was able to do everything in a timely matter. I had a nearly impossible deadline, we talked at 11 am and he had me on the docket for 1 pm that same day. I feel safe on Mr. Baxter's case load, anyone would. His background is very impressive, everything a person would want in a man defending them in a courtroom. When comes to little things other attorneys need to be reminded of with him there is no need, he is already on top of it. In other words Casey Baxter and his staff are a great team and are by far the best at representing you in your time of need.

    - Jaclyn H.

  • The extra mileThe extra mileThe extra mileThe extra mile
    Mr. Baxter and his staff care. Plain and simple. They care what happens to you. From the first meeting I never felt like a name or a number. I was a person whose outcome mattered. I was charged with two felonies and without the hard work and knowledge of the courtroom that Casey provided their is no doubt I would have been convicted. It was amazing to watch Casey battle back when things seemed to be going the other way. He studied case files and did his homework late into the night so as to insure a favorable outcome. I'm so thankful I didn't plea bargain and allowed Casey to show me his skills. His knowledge at times seem to even help the judge. The cocky District Attorney who felt he had it wrapped up truly walked away with his head hung. Casey Baxter knows the courtroom, he knows the law, he knows what will work and not work and most of all he respects his clients. He understands and cares about the fact that his performance will have a profound effect on your life. I interviewed 7 lawyers in the area. Casey was the last one I interviewed. So thankful I went with Baxter Law as today Iam a free man and can get on with my life. Thank you Casey. Thank you Emily :)

    - Mark U.

  • All around a FANTASTIC attorney!!!!
    I would recommend Casey to anyone needing a criminal defense attorney. Casey has fought on my behalf in the Deschutes County court system for almost a year now. He was granted to me as my public defender. I've never seen an attorney work harder for a client. He has been compassionate and supportive...from day one he explained each facet of my case to me in terms I could understand, and walked me through each step of the legal process of my case. Because of Casey's experience and hard work, I was able to present the state with positive proof of my own progress and get two of my charges dismissed and my original charge continued on a conditional discharge. Casey helped me show the state that I had worked very hard to change my life and lifestyle...and he went above and beyond to make sure I was given credit for all of my hard work. All around a FANTASTIC attorney!!!!

    - Polly

  • Casey is an awesome attorney.
    He is very intelligent and knows how to get great results. He was there me and my wife during a very scary time when we really needed someone in our corner. He was always there to answer any questions we had and was able to get our legal matters settled with great results. We would have been a sinking ship without Casey!

    - Chester

  • We appreciate all that Casey provided for our family and will refer him to others.
    Casey Baxter was retained by myself and my husband to assist with a DUI case for my husband. My husband was sick at the time battling cancer and Casey was instrumental in assisting us with the communication to the DA to allow my husbands case to be set forward while he was going through treatments. Unfortunately for my husband he lost his battle with Cancer and had it not been for Casey we would have had much more to worry about than his care. Because Casey took on the task of communicating with the DA and the courts we were able to spend the quality time with my husband that he needed before he passed.

    - Anonymous

  • Great job, excellent result.
    Casey Baxter did a great job representing me during the criminal court proceedings and advised me how to best proceed after being arrested for a DUII. As for my criminal case, he guided me through the process to get into the DUII diversion program that will end with a dismissal if all conditions are completed successfully; In addition, Mr. Baxter did an excellent job representing me during the DMV hearing. Even with the hopeful dismissal of my criminal case, I was still facing a 90 day ODL suspension for failing a breath test. After successfully making his arguments to the Administrative Law Judge during the DMV hearing, Casey was able to get a dismissal of my case without any suspension or fine. Casey is a knowledgeable and competent attorney who was able to help me through this difficult time in my life. The dismissal of the ODL suspension (a rare outcome) in particular helped my situation greatly, to say the least. I would surely recommend Mr. Baxter to any person who is in need of a great DUII defense lawyer.

    - Anonymous

  • In the end, all criminal charges were dropped.
    I was referred to Casey from another attorney for my criminal charge of Vehicular Assault of a Pedestrian and Reckless Driving. Casey saw me right away and knew how to handle the case. Since Casey used to work for the District Attorney's office he knew the opposing attorney, their style, and how to direct the case. In the end, all criminal charges were dropped. Thank you Casey!

    - Anonymous

  • DUI, Reckless, and Interfering Defense
    I selected Mr. Baxter to defend me against charges stemming from a DUI arrest. In addition to the DUI, I was also charged with reckless driving and interfering with the duties of a peace officer. Mr. Baxter's calm demeanor and support during this difficult, embarrassing incident were his primary assets. His extensive experience working in Deschutes County, in particular the District Attorney's office, also were factors in my decision. In the end, Mr. Baxter was able to get the Reckless and Interfering Charges dismissed and I am currently enrolled in diversion for the DUI. This was the best possible scenario I could have envisioned after facing the possibility of additional charges that would have resulted in substantial penalties. I have certainly learned a life lesson as a result of this arrest and am thankful to Mr. Baxter for his representation.

    - Previous Client

  • Simply The Best
    The state of Oregon accused me of a crime and the did not believe me. Mr. Baxter did believe me he and his staff were a God send and my case was dismissed because of Mr. Baxter being excellent as a lawyer.. Thank you Casey. Bless you all......

    - Robert

  • Outstanding in Representation
    I must say I have dealt with quit a few different kinds of lawyers in my time and Casey and his team are outstanding in representation, very fair on compensation, they honestly do care about your outcome and will work with you till the end to their best abilities! I would recommend to anyone who needs his services to give his office a call! Casey and his team will take care of you!

    - Shelley

  • Gift from God
    Well I was recommended to Me Baxter from another local attorney that handled my complicated caseloads for years before we had a falling out due to my inability to communicate. So I have God on my side and some criminal and civil cases that are very complex and from what I've heard and my faith that God has pointed me in the right direction I look forward to working with Casey and his team!

    - John

  • Highest sense of urgency
    I had a rather complicated case. Multiple states involved and multiple scenarios and issues that arose daily. I found Casey to extremely honest and transparent. I felt he gave me the most specific information he could. I never felt he was dragging or putting my case behind other cases. He gave me information in complete transparency and never said what he thought sounded good to me. He wasn't afraid of the tough conversations. I would highly recommend this lawyer and this firm if you need complete transparency and accurate information. His office staff consist of incredible work ethic and professionalism. They are always available and provide precise appointments and feedback if any is available. I have had a great experience and couldn't be happier with the result of my case as well as the journey to attain that result. Best I have ever used.

    - Justin

  • Absolutely Amazing!
    This law firm is absolutely amazing! They did a great job in communicating with me in a timely manner, followed through on their word, and I would definitely recommend them to anyone needing legal help.

    - Charles

  • Lawyers who truly care
    The lawyers and staff at Baxter Harder are very knowledgeable and professional in every aspect of their company. They are by far the best team to have on your side when tackling confusing and frustrating legal issues. They are lawyers who truly care! Thank you Casey, Joseph, Emily, and Nicole so much for all you've done.

    - Jessica

  • Saved my life
    Thank you all for the hard work. I was facing three felonies which thanks to Casey Baxter, Thaddeus Bentz, and Amy Margolis was able to plea to one misdemeanor. You guys saved my life!!

    - Jason

  • Amazing!
    Casey Baxter is amazing!!!

    - Kayla

  • I can look toward a better tomorrow because of what he accomplished.I can look toward a better tomorrow because of what he accomplished.
    Casey Baxter has been the most amazing attorney, and has truly changed the course of my future. He took the time to listen to me explain about everything that was going on in my life, not just about what happened on the day of my incident, and was able to get the judge to listen as well. He was able to change the outcome into something that was actually manageable for me. He and his staff were always available whenever I needed to ask a question or make a change. I am very grateful for all he has done for me and can look toward a better tomorrow because of what he accomplished.

    - Tessa

  • Thank you!
    Thank you. You did what you said, and you're a good person so thank you again!

    - John C.

  • We would recommend Baxter Law to anyone.
    We would like to thank Casey Baxter for his diligence and hard work. Also for respecting what we wanted to do in our case. He had our legal back all the way. We would recommend Baxter Law to anyone. Thank you again.

    - Tracy H

  • Guilty or not, he'll get you the best deal he can
    My case was unique. Facing my second revoke, with only two people showing up for support, Casey managed to help me out of a bind. It took some minor nit picking, but that's all it takes. He will also make sure you understand everything so that you're not left feeling naive or played by the system. Guilty or not, he'll get you the best deal he can, if you're not completely acquitted of your charges.

    - Jeffrey

  • Highly Recommend
    I actually hired Casey based on the reviews from Avvo. Since I live in WA, but got my DUII in Oregon, my situation was a little different than some, but Casey has been able to answer my questions all through the process. My case was pretty standard as to what was going to happen (and did happen). Mostly, Casey eased my fears with the whole process and made the ordeal much easier than if I had tried to handle this on my own.

    - Shelley

  • He rules!
    Mr. Baxter was really supportive and knowledgeable of our unique situation. He was well-prepared and totally approachable too. He's been available with any and all questions that we've had since he helped us. He was straightforward and didn't give us any BS.

    - Jennifer