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Child Support

This Is How to Calculate Your Child Support Payments

If you are expecting to receive child support payments in the near future, it may be helpful to know how much money you’re expected to get.

You’ll need access to certain information in order to calculate your child support payments. Read on to learn the information you’ll need to find out how much your child support payments will be.

The Information You Need to Calculate Payments

You’ll need to gather the following information about the parents in order to calculate your child support payments:

  • Both parents’ names
  • The relationship between the parents
  • If the child resides with a caretaker, his or her name
  • If the child resides in state care, which state

Collect the following information about the parents’ income:

  • Each parent’s gross monthly income
  • The amount of spousal support owed to each parent by anyone
  • The amount of spousal support each parent owes to anyone
  • Each parent’s union dues

Get the following information together regarding the children:

  • The joint minor children’s first names
  • The average number of yearly overnights the minor children are with each parent
  • The child care costs paid by the parent or caretaker for the joint minor children
  • The amount of a disabled or retired parent’s Social Security or veterans’ benefit paid to a child
  • The number of non-joint children for each parent

Gather the following information with respect to health care coverage:

  • The cost the parent pays for their own health care coverage
  • Whether the parent has health care coverage available for the joint children
  • The parent’s out-of-pocket expenses to enroll the joint children

Oregon Child Support Guidelines Calculator

If you’d like to calculate the child support payments you expect to receive, a good way to do so is through the use of the Oregon Department of Justice’s Child Support Guidelines Calculator. Just be sure to obtain the aforementioned information before attempting to use the calculator.

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